Oxnard Pipe and Supply Company


  • Ball Valves

    We carry a wide assortment of PVC 1/2-2" ball valves, also stock 1/4-4" brass ball valves. We can also order a wide assortment of other material valves such as Carbon steel and stainless steel

  • Temperature and Pressure Valves

    For all your boiler or water heater requirements, we stock t&p valves up to 150#'s and can order any other type of temperature and pressure relief valve for any application you may need.

  • Check Valves

    We stock brass swing check from 1/2 - 2"

Gas Piping

  • Gas Lines

    We stock galvanized, black and coated steel pipe from 1/2 - 2" valves and fittings from 1/2 - 4" in black or galvanized. We offer polyethylene products thru special order and is availiable next day in most situations. We also offer in house pipe threading from 1/2 - 2" same day service.


Oxnard Pipe and Supply tools

We stock a wide array of tools, parts and machines necessary for your every day service, new construction or pipe installation needs. We carry a wide assortment and are distributors of Rigid Tools, Lenox, Channel Lock and Irwinn Tools.

Channel Locks and Wrenches
Our Channel lock’s range from 9” – 16”. We have Adjustable Wrenches from 6” – 24” and Pipe Wrenches 6” – 48”.

Saws and Blades
Whether you are cutting Steel, Copper or Plastic, we have the tools and blades necessary to help you complete your project. We have a full line of Hacksaws, Handsaws, Sawzalls and Hole Saws.


Oxnard Pipe and Supply Copper Pipe

One of the many strenghts of Oxnard pipe and supply is that we offer a wide variety of inventory and if we don't have it in stock we can normally get it faster then most. But because of our large inventory our backorders are very limited.

Galvanized Steel Pipe
Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe is primarily used for gas, hot and cold water applications. It is often times used in lieu of black steel pipe in corrosive applications where you would need to worry about oxidation. Galvanized Pipe is most often put together with threaded connections. We have an ample stock of 1/2 - 2" domestic threaded pipe.

Copper Pipe and Tube
Copper pipe and tube is mainly used in plumbing and refrigeration applications. With it's corrosive resistant properties Copper remains the standard specified item in the mayority of domestic water applications. We stock in house 1/2 - 2" type L hard, 1/2 - 1" type L soft, and 1/4" and 3/8" on refrigeration tube in 50' rolls

PVC Pipe
PVC Pipe is most often used in water applications. Depending on the application, it can be a less expensive alternative to both steel and copper pipe. There are numerous classes and types of PVC Pipe and we stock sch 40 but all other PVC class pipe is availiable upon request. We stock in house 1/2 - 4".

Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Cast Iron Soil Pipe is used for non-pressure such as drainage applications. We stock Cast Iron Pipe from 1 1/2 - 4" in NH only.